An Anti Drug Awareness Programme was organised jointly by the Family, Health, Youth, Education and Socio Development Commissions of Infant Mary Parish at the Church Hall on September 17, 2023 from 8am to 9am. Mrs. Lydia Lobo - Administrator, Integrated Rehabilitation Center for Addicts, Bajal was the Resource Person, who explained in detail of the Causes and Consequences of Drug Abuse. Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Dominic Vas lead the gathering in Prayer. Vice President of PPC Mr. Prakash Saldanha introduced and welcomed the Resource Person.

Mrs. Lydia Lobo in her talk explained the Types of Drugs like Heroin, Ganja, marijuanna, tobacco, LSD, MDMA, chakras, DXN, alcohol etc. that are available through sources who target youth. She spoke of the signs of drugs that can be seen in a person who consumes it. The person loses his mental & physical health, lacks interest in activities, experiences loneliness, mood swings, can even come to a state of stealing or murdering others in desperation for want of drugs and ends up in depression and addiction.

Mrs. Lydia explained that Peer pressure, failure in life or exams, bad company, Curiosity to try it out with the thinking that nothing happens when drugs are consumed etc are the causes which get people especially youngsters into the trap of drug addiction.










Mrs Lydia then in her advise explained of how we can prevent or heal the person who is addicted to drugs through our close observation, love and support. She said When the parents see a change in the child’s behaviour like loneliness, anger, restriction of self in the room and staying aloof, getting low grades in exams etc the same should not be ignored. The person should be taken to the Counselor or doctor or de addiction centre, find out if he/ she has been consuming drugs. If yes, then follow the guidance of the de - addiction Doctor and Counselor.

With these guidelines and our love and support, we can thus help our youth to stay away from drugs and help them lead a good life.

Students of classes 8 onwards, Parents, Members of YCS, ICYM, all Associations, PPC as well as parishioners were present and benefited out of this talk. Co - ordinator of all Commissions Mr. Ronald Goveas proposed the Vote of Thanks.

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