Bajjodi, Oct. 10 : Infant Mary Church, Bajjodi organized a Slow Cycle Race on Sunday, October 10th at 4pm in the Church ground wherein 35 Altar servers participated in the competition.

Fr. Ivan Dsouza and Mr. Joseph Mascarenhas were the referees for the event.

Children seemed so enthusiastic about the race that some of the participants entertained all the others by their stunts. Being a Slow Cycle Race it was not an easy one, but all in all it was a very exciting event. The parishioners watched their performance in rapt attention and cheered them in all excitement.

At the end of the event, Fr. Ivan Dsouza extended the vote of thanks.


4th Std.

I Stalson Dsouza(Avila)

II Deon Pinto(Avila)


5th Std.

I Jesvita Crasta (Carmel)

II Amal Catherine (Infant Mary)

II Ashel Pinto(SA)


6th Std.

I Riyan Pinto(St. Joseph)

II Melrish Pinto(St. Antony)


7th 8th 9th

I Prince Crasta(Infant Mary)

II Sudith Pinto (Avila)